Pitzl: Rome Paris Madrid European Baroque Guitar Music

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Artist: Pitzl

Artist: Pitzl
Title: Rome Paris Madrid European Baroque Guitar Music

Rome - Paris - Madrid - European Baroque Guitar Music Import, Pierre Pitzl - More or less 'invented' in Spain in the mid-17th century, it did not take long for the guitar to start it's triumphal march through all of Europe. On this recording, guitarist Pierre Pitzl, on his first solo CD for Accent, explores this development in exemplary fashion, using the examples of three musical centers and composers active there: Granata and Bartolotti in Rome, de Visee and Corbetta in Paris as well as Sanz and Gerau in Madrid. The image resulting from this is a highly varied one: only a strummed instrument in the beginning, the guitar soon developed a highly differentiated technique consisting of both strumming and plucking. In this way, a new style of composition and sound was created hand in hand with a previously unheard-of, bold treatment of dissonances. Pitzl plays all of the selections with impressive bravura.

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Allemande
1.3 Courante
1.4 Brando
1.5 Sarabande
1.6 Gigue
1.7 Passacaglie
1.8 Allemanda
1.9 Balletto
1.10 Passacaglia
1.11 Sarabanda
1.12 Allemanda
1.13 Passacaglia
1.14 Prelude
1.15 Allemande
1.16 Courante
1.17 Chacone
1.18 Prelude
1.19 Allemande
1.20 Courante
1.21 Sarabande
1.22 Gigue
1.23 Bouree
1.24 Preludio O Capricho Arpeado Por la X
1.25 Passacagles Por la X
1.26 Canario
1.27 Passacaglia de 7 Tono
1.28 Passacaglia de 8 Tono
1.29 Marionas

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