Plaza Francia

Plaza Francia: Live Re-Experience

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Plaza Francia

Title: Live Re-Experience
Label: Because Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP with CD included. In the previous episode: one Queen of Hearts (Catherine Ringer) and two Aces of Spades (Christoph Muller and Eduardo Makaroff) played a game of tango with shades of rock: Plaza Francia's a New Tango Song Book (BEC 5161785, 2014). It's been a triumph of leather bound with red velvet. These two worlds have gotten to know each other pretty well. It would have been easy to quickly put out a live album of the tour, and tempting to remix the studio album too. But to mix these two events into one, that's unheard of; it's an audacious venture to rework (and recompose) in a studio the songs recorded live. That's how seven pieces recorded in public on a multitrack were surgically dissected while retaining the live energy and handed over to expert remixers. Chico Sonido delivers two digital cumbia revamps of tracks from the original repertoire with aerial dub, and the Centavrvs collective, who practice a more poppy brand of electro but were raised on regional music and psychedelic Peruvian music from the '60s, remix two tracks as well, placing Ringer in a comfortable amber roots setting. The German duo Wolfsburg Pupkulies & Rebecca were also called to service and give the song La Mision a Berlin shade. There are also two remixes by Roy Dubb, a mystery remixer who is in fact no other than... Plaza Francia member Christoph Muller, who has been remixing tracks for years, either in his pre-Gotan Project phase or with the Argentine singer Melingo. Muller notably pumps a whole load of dancefloor power into the engine of the opening song from the original album (which closes this one), La Mano Encima, and Cada Vez, with electro-Latino treatments. To complete this Live Re-Experience, there are three new songs (new on record but well established on tour) included in un-remixed form: Intro la Mano, which opens the live show; Dame Luz, which entered the repertoire mid-tour (included both as an original recording and as a remix by Centavrvs); and I've Seen That Face Before, an adaptation of Astor Piazzolla's Libertango that Jean-Paul Goude had tailor-made for Grace Jones in 1981, which Catherine Ringer interprets with gusto. Rock, tango, dance: serve chilled, the dance floor awaits. The address: Plaza Francia.

1.1 Invisible (Chico Sonido Remix)
1.2 Cada Vez (Roy Dubb Remix)
1.3 I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
1.4 No Hay Perdón (Chico Sonido Remix)
1.5 Secreto (Centavrvs Remix)
1.6 Dame Luz
1.7 La Misión (Pupkulies ; Rebecca Remix)
1.8 Dame Luz (Centavrvs Remix)
1.9 Intro la Mano
1.10 La Mano Encima (Roy Dubb Cosmic Remix)
2.1 Invisible (Chico Sonido Remix)
2.2 Cada Vez (Roy Dubb Remix)
2.3 I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
2.4 No Hay Perdón (Chico Sonido Remix)
2.5 Secreto (Centavrvs Remix)
2.6 Dame Luz
2.7 La Misión (Pupkulies ; Rebecca Remix)
2.8 Dame Luz (Centavrvs Remix)
2.9 Intro la Mano
2.10 La Mano Encima (Roy Dubb Cosmic Remix)

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