Pocosin: Loess

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Artist: Pocosin

Artist: Pocosin
Title: Loess

2017 release. During the last ice age, glaciers slowly carved away the landscape creating mineral rich sediment. For hundreds of thousands of years melt water carried this fine-grained sediment downstream to parts of North America. In some areas strong winds carried this sediment and deposited it forming a network of ridges and dunes. These deposits of loose silty wind-blown, or aeolian, sediment are called Loess. Flash forward to the present, and the duo of Clay Emerson and Ian Pullman may seem to have gone the way of the glaciers and all but disappeared. Instead, their signature loose aural silt has been slowly and methodically accumulating and now makes up their full-length Pocosin. Others may have no point of reference and Pocosin is a welcome introduction to the sound of Loess; in a mere blink of an eye from when they began.

1.1 Petrel
1.2 Kype
1.3 Striae
1.4 17P13.2
1.5 Alosa
1.6 Fens
1.7 Wrikken
1.8 Bowhead
1.9 Jolie (CD ; Download Card Bonus Track)

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