Poets of Rhythm

Poets of Rhythm: Practice What You Preach

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Poets of Rhythm

Title: Practice What You Preach
Label: Daptone

Poet's of Rhythm first album is now remastered and shows why it is measured beyond the modern scene and stands tall as one of the great funk-soul albums of all time.

1.1 More Mess on My Thing
1.2 Upper Class
1.3 Funky Runthrough Pt. 1 ; 2
1.4 What You Doin'
1.5 North Carolina
1.6 Practice What You Preach
1.7 Strokin' the Grits
1.8 It Came Over Me
1.9 The Plan
1.10 Choking on a Piece of Meat
1.11 Saltin' the Soup

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