Prayer: Vital

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Prayer

Title: Vital
Label: Black Acre
Product Type: VINYL LP

2018 release. Prayer's outsider sound is as easily recognizable as it is hard to pinpoint; it lives at a cross section of influences from classical to jungle and breaks to ambient. After his Seeing EP (ACRE 069EP, 2017) and I / II cassette release in 2017, Prayer returns to affiliate label Black Acre with VITAL EP, a heavy four tracker. Again, PRAYER blurs the lines between sorrowful sounds and high-voltage club energy in Vital EP; a piece of art that refuses to be boxed off by genre or stereotype. Opener "Fear" explores the producers love of film music; a dark sci-fi landscape punctuated with drums and melodic synths, a Bladerunner-esque track. Moving on, "I'm Still Here" is an anthem, a nostalgic mix of hardcore, jungle and classical influences with a DIY, rough and ready feel. On the other side, Prayer shows his talent for the piano with "Kind", finessing the skills that reflect his first adventures in sound. It's an emotive, stripped back number. The final track is "Vital", another drum-heavy, weighty track that sounds only like Prayer - as ideal for the club as it is for headphones.

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