Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women: Soft Features

$18.04 $20.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pregnant Women

Title: Soft Features
Label: Ghost Ramp
Product Type: VINYL LP

Soft Features is the debut LP from Pregnant Women, the solo project of So Stressed frontman Morgan Fox. Trading in spastic, violent noise-rock for electronic-driven pop music, Fox has carved out a gorgeous collection of love songs. Drawing inspiration from Aphex Twin, Passion Pit, and a new relationship, Pregnant Women enters a hazy dream-world of love and longing.

1.1 Many Perfect Rows
1.2 Bridging
1.3 Traditional
1.4 Staggered Bath
1.5 Long Nails
1.6 Bless This
1.7 In Your Room
1.8 Rewinder
1.9 Burning Furniture
1.10 Clipped

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