Pride & Glory

Pride & Glory: Pride & Glory

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pride & Glory

Title: Pride & Glory
Label: Ent. One Music

Pride and Glory was a side project for Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde. This was Wylde's first self-fronted project, before releasing his first solo-album, Book of Shadows, in 1996. After that he formed Black Label Society in 1998, which remains his current band.

1.1 Losin' Your Mind
1.2 Horse Called War
1.3 Shine On
1.4 Lovin' Woman
1.5 Harvester Of Pain
1.6 The Chosen One
1.7 Sweet Jesus
1.8 Troubled Wine
1.9 Machine Gun Man  - By Black Label Society
1.10 Cry Me A River
1.11 Toe'n The Line
1.12 Found A Friend
1.13 Fadin' Away
1.14 Hate Your Guts
2.1 Machine Gun Man (acoustic bonus)
2.2 Mother Mary (alternate version)
2.3 The Wizard (Black Sabbath cover)
2.4 Torn ; Tattered
2.5 In My Time Of Dyin' (Led Zeppelin cover)
2.6 The Hammer And The Nail
2.7 Come Together (The Beatles cover)

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