Primitive Knot

Primitive Knot: Thee Opener Of The Way

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Artist: Primitive Knot

Artist: Primitive Knot
Title: Thee Opener Of The Way
Product Type: CASSETTES

Cassette version. Hailing from Manchester, UK, Primitive Knot have created a cult underground following with their prolific output and aura of arcane mystery. Primitive Knot cover a lot of musical ground, from motorik Krautrock to primitive thrashing doom metal, garage rock to the kind of industrial pop bombast associated with latter-era Sisters of Mercy. Yet at all times, the sound is pure Primitive Knot. Thee Opener Of The Way sees Primitive Knot exploring the spiritual outer realms with drone, doom and dark ambient methodology, delivering over an hour of shamanic cosmic drift. Thee Opener Of The Ways collects the sold-out tape releases of DOOM I (2017) and DOOM II (2018), combining them with the tracks "Thee Opener Of The Way" and "Devotion And Decay In Interstitial Space" to bring this material to a wider audience in a cohesive album format.

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