Prince: Rave Un2 To The Joy Fantastic

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Artist: Prince

Artist: Prince
Title: Rave Un2 To The Joy Fantastic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double purple vinyl LP pressing. Prince had taken quite the ownership of the year 1999, so it was no surprise that the last year of the millennium was one of The Artist's biggest. The album was his only release for Arista Records and the last to be released under his unpronounceable symbol. It features a surprising amount of guest artists (Chuck D, Eve, Gwen Stefani, Shery Crow) and a clutch of radio-friendly tracks ("The Greatest Romance Ever Sold," "So Far," "So Pleased," "Hot Wit U," a cover of Crow's "Everyday Is a Winding Road").

1.1 Rave Un 2 the Joy Fantastic
1.2 Undisputed
1.3 The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
2.1 Segue B 2. Hot Wit U
2.2 Tangerine
2.3 So Far, So Pleased
2.4 The Sun, the Moon and Stars
3.1 Everyday Is a Winding Road
3.2 Segue (One)
3.3 Man 'O' War
3.4 Baby Knows
4.1 Eye Love U, But Eye Do Not Trust U Anymore
4.2 Silly Game
4.3 Strange But True
4.4 Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do
4.5 Segue (Two)
4.6 Prettyman

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