Professor Creepshow

Professor Creepshow: Prophet Of The Mac God

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Prophet Of The Mac God
Label: Sic Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Professor Creepshow is a prophet of the Mac God. Producing his favored jazz-playa sound with a new take. Mixing different flavors of G-FUNK from the Bay to LA to Houston.

1.1 West Syde Playaz
1.2 Still Down 4 Me
1.3 Six Figure Ballad
1.4 Income Arkestra
1.5 Funkyassshit2Ride2
1.6 Clear Skies
1.7 Playaz Been Askin
1.8 Westcoastplayalisticvapormusic Interlude
1.9 Blue Cowboy Hat
1.10 Never Enuff
1.11 H.A.B
1.12 Rip DJ Screw
1.13 Marble Wave
1.14 Thank You Mac God
1.15 Death 2 U Playa Hataz
1.16 Expensive Codeine Potion
1.17 Breeze Em Out
1.18 Caper Aftermath

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