Professor Ratbaggy: Professor Ratbaggy

Professor Ratbaggy: Professor Ratbaggy
Title: Professor Ratbaggy
Label: Gawd Aggie

Paul Kelly remains - after 30-odd years at the forefront of music - Australia's most treasured songwriter and performer. With sales into the millions, his influence is felt beyond music into areas of social justice, politics and other spheres interwoven into Australian culture. UMA proudly welcomes Paul Kelly and looks forward to re-presenting (in this third and final of three batches) his valued, cherished catalogue; songs that have become unanimous unofficial national anthems. In October 1999, Paul Kelly dedicated to record this stunning array of Reggae-Dub material with members of his band over the years, including Steve Hadley and Peter Luscombe. Named Professor Ratbaggy after a character from a children's TV show and in honor of some of the pioneers of Dub music; King Tubby, Mad Professor, this 11-song recording highlights Paul Kelly's versatility and refusal to be creatively pigeonholed.

1.1 Please Myself
1.2 White Trash
1.3 Can't Fake It
1.4 Moni, Make It Good
1.5 Coma
1.6 Love Letter
1.7 Blowfly
1.8 See the Birdie Fly Out
1.9 Mannish Woman
1.10 Rise and Shine
1.11 Oh Death

Professor Ratbaggy: Professor Ratbaggy

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