Proznick, Jodi

Proznick, Jodi: Sun Songs

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Artist: Proznick, Jodi

Artist: Proznick, Jodi
Title: Sun Songs

This project is a new venture for Jodi as a composer, bassist, producer, & songwriter, who was faced with two sets of emotionally charged news. First, the immense joy of discovering she was pregnant & would enter the brave new world of motherhood, & second the intense sorrow of learning her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia and would live in slow decline for the rest of her days.

1.1 Listen
1.2 Beautiful Again
1.3 Let Go
1.4 Little Bluebird
1.5 Ancient Yearning
1.6 Storm
1.7 3Am
1.8 So Near, So Far
1.9 The Book of Love

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