Psychedelic Horseshit

Psychedelic Horseshit: Laced

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Psychedelic Horseshit
Title: Laced
Product Type: VINYL LP

Boundary-pushing, thrilling, unique: Psychedelic Horseshit blaze with a vitality reminiscent of FatCat alumni Animal Collective and Black Dice in those bands' early, wildly creative incipience. Laced marks a forward stylistic shift for the band, delivering a coherent set of bustling, hookladen, melted outsider pop songs. Keeping a step ahead of the lo-fi scene they christened "shitgaze", they've drawn on a broad range of influences instead of the xeroxed anorexia of many of their peers, have ruffled feathers by critically speaking out, and carved out caustic, humorous social commentary.

1.1 Puff
1.2 Time of Day
1.3 French Countryside
1.4 Laced
1.5 Tropical Vision
1.6 I Hate the Beach
1.7 Another Side
1.8 Revolution Wavers
1.9 Dead on Arrival
1.10 Automatic Writing
1.11 Making Out

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