Pterodactyl: Worldwild

Pterodactyl: Worldwild
Title: Worldwild
Label: Jagjaguwar

Welcome to Worldwild! Worldwild is the culmination of a long Pterodactyl adventure, an art-rock odyssey through lush pastures of layered vocal harmonies, mountainous rhythms and thick, dark forests of fuzzy, piercing guitars. On Easter Sunday, 2008, in a rustic motel in backwoods Pennsylvania, one day before crossing the border into Canada, Pterodactyl discovered an experience (Worldwild) that they wanted to keep with them and pursue musically. They felt like they were on a family vacation through a colorful new reality, an experience of solitude and connectedness, alone yet one with everyone. When they returned to Brooklyn Joe began recording demos in his bedroom studio that would be the foundation for most of the material on the record, the sounds and textures of which were beautiful and intriguing, but seemed at first to be at odds with what the band had been known for in the past. But Pterodactyl had found a new, triumphant future in Worldwild: A schizophrenic, desperate idealism that shone through the confusion of the dozens of vocal tracks and guitar samples Joe had put down. The record that results, which they recorded with Jeremy Scott over six months in 2008, showcases many different facets of the band and it's influences but maintains a narrative coalescence throughout - a story of hours upon hours singing alone into a bedroom computer, of frustration and redemption, of petty but heated personal battles between friends, melodies running rampant through sleepless summer nights, triumphant moments of trust and cooperation, and a faith and optimism in the spirit of adventure. Pterodactyl is Joe and Matt, Zach (Ex Models, Knyfe Hyts, the Seconds), and Jesse (Twin Powers, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth).

1.1 Rising ; Shining
1.2 First Daze
1.3 February
1.4 Share the Shade
1.5 Old Clouds
1.6 Easy Pieces
1.7 Alex
1.8 Lawrence
1.9 No Sugar
1.10 Ghost Facts
1.11 December
1.12 One with Everyone

Pterodactyl: Worldwild

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