Public Enemy

Public Enemy: New Whirl Odor (Incl. Bonus DVD)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Public Enemy

Artist: Public Enemy
Title: New Whirl Odor (Incl. Bonus DVD)

CD+DVD. Arguably if RUN-DMC is the Beatles of rap music, Public Enemy is surely it's Rolling Stones. This is studio album number 10, there are millions of their records sold, and their songs have become part of history, jargon, and culture. New Whirl Odor has followed that Public Enemy tradition in trendsetting, while never repeating themselves. 'Bring That Beat Back', 'Revolution', 'Preaching to the Quiet', and 'Superman's Black in the Building' are tracks also coupled with videos on the accompanying DVD.

1.1 ... And No One Broadcasted Louder Than... (Intro)
1.2 New Whirl Odor
1.3 Bring That Beat Back
1.4 66.6 Strikes Again
1.6 What a Fool Believes
1.7 Makes You Blind
1.8 Preachin' to the Quiet
1.9 Either We Together or We Ain't (Siw Stepstumental)
1.10 Revolution
1.11 Check What You're Listening to
1.12 As Long As the People Got Something to Say
1.13 Y'all Don't Know
1.14 Either You Get It By Now or You Don't
1.15 Superman's Black in the Building
1.16 Bring That Beat Back
1.17 Superman's Black in the Building
1.18 Revolution
1.19 The Hot 1
1.20 Documentary
1.21 A Brief History of Slamjamz
1.22 Making New Whirl Odor
1.23 Photo Gallery
1.24 Biographies
1.25 Commentary

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