Pudlo / Lacny / Wasik

Pudlo / Lacny / Wasik: War Horns

$16.39 $19.99

Artist: Pudlo / Lacny / Wasik
Title: War Horns

Pawel Pudio is a music producer, creative director, and composer from the border of arts. He developes his own artistic projects and composes music on special occasions. Concert pieces and films featuring his music have been presented in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Estonia, France, and Spain. "War Horns" is a piece for 10 horns, whose world premiere took place at the Solidarity of Arts festival in Gdansk in 2015. The world premiere was accompanied by a sculptural installation, being a kind of spatial continuation of the project's idea. On this album, a studio recording of this exceptional piece of anti-war expression is presented, performed by international artists in the Concert Studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw.

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