Puff Pieces

Puff Pieces: Born 2 Die

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Artist: Puff Pieces

Artist: Puff Pieces
Title: Born 2 Die
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Dear listener, This 7" is the third release from D.C. art-punk band "Puff Pieces". Each side of the record holds one song. On the A side, you will find a morbid tune of gloom and doom titled "Born 2 Die". On the B side, "Born 2 Die" is electronically transformed into a vigorous dance track titled "Born 2 Cry". The band was recorded by Ian Mackaye and Don Zientara at Arlington Virginia's legendary Inner Ear studio. I truly hope you are able to find some element of interest in this music. Sincerely, Mike Andre, (member of Puff Pieces)

1.1 Born 2 Die
1.2 Born 2 Cry

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