Pure Prairie League

Pure Prairie League: Pure Prairie League / Bustin Out / Two Lane Highway / Dance

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Artist: Pure Prairie League
Title: Pure Prairie League / Bustin Out / Two Lane Highway / Dance

Digitally remastered two CD set containing a quartet of albums from the country rockers. Includes four albums from 1972, '75 and '76 from Pure Prairie League. All but Pure Prairie League made the US Top 100 albums with the single 'Amie' giving them an elusive Top 40 hit. The band continued recording for RCA until 1979, and then switched to Casablanca Records. Over the years there has been many personnel changes, but Pure Prairie League still goes on with a couple of original long-term members. Digitally remastered and slipcased.

1.1 Tears
1.2 Take It Before You Go
1.3 You're Between Me
1.4 Woman
1.5 Doc's Tune
1.6 Country Song
1.7 Harmony Song
1.8 It's All on Me
1.9 Jazzman
1.10 Angel No.9
1.11 Leave My Heart Alone
1.12 Early Morning Riser
1.13 Falling in and Out of Love
1.14 Amie
1.15 Boulder Skies
1.16 Angel
1.17 Call Me, Tell Me
2.1 Two Lane Highway
2.2 Kentucky Moonshine
2.3 Runner
2.4 Memories
2.5 Kansas City Southern
2.6 Harvest
2.7 Sister's Keeper
2.8 Just Can't Believe It
2.9 Give Us a Rise
2.10 I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle
2.11 Pickin' to Beat the Devil
2.12 Dance
2.13 In the Morning
2.14 All the Way
2.15 Living Each Day
2.16 Fade Away
2.17 Tornado Warning
2.18 Catfishin'
2.19 Help Yourself
2.20 San Antonio
2.21 All the Lonesome Cowboys

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