Queensrÿche: Operation: Mindcrime

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Queensrÿche

Title: Operation: Mindcrime
Label: Capit

Queensryche's "Operation: mindcrime" 2 CD edition features the original album tracklist plus bonus live tracks and a previously unreleased live performance of the entire "mindcrime" album recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London, England on November 15, 1990. Includes special 24-page booklet.

1.1 I Remember Now
1.2 Anarchy-X
1.3 Revolution Calling
1.4 Operation:Mindcrime
1.5 Speak
1.6 Spreading the Disease
1.7 The Mission
1.8 Suite Sister Mary
1.9 The Needle Lies
1.10 Electric Requiem
1.11 Breaking the Silence
1.12 I Don't Believe in Love
1.13 Waiting for 22
1.14 My Empty Room
1.15 Eyes of a Stranger
1.16 The Mission (Live-Bonus Track)
1.17 My Empty Room (Live-Bonus Track)
2.1 I Remember Now (Live)
2.2 Anarchy-X (Live)
2.3 Revolution Calling (Live)
2.4 Operation:Mindcrime (Live)
2.5 Speak (Live)
2.6 Spreading the Disease (Live)
2.7 The Mission (Live)
2.8 Suite Sister Mary (Live)
2.9 The Needle Lies (Live)
2.10 Electric Requiem (Live)
2.11 Breaking the Silence (Live)
2.12 I Don't Believe in Love (Live)
2.13 Waiting for 22 (Live)
2.14 My Empty Room (Live)
2.15 Eyes of a Stranger (Live)

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