Quintal De Clorofila: O Misterio Dos Quintais

Quintal De Clorofila: O Misterio Dos Quintais
Title: O Misterio Dos Quintais
Label: Granadilla Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. Quintal de Clorofila's O Mistério dos Quintais, originally released in 1983, contains a wild and captivating crossover between Celtic and South American folk from the Andes plus many elements of traditional music from Southern Europe and some more contemporary singer/songwriter aspects with a mystical atmosphere. All the participating musicians are enormously skilled, and the distinctive multi-voice vocals capture your attention in just a second when you take a closer listen to the 12 songs on this album. A few steps into pop music with a slight psychedelic edge, manifest in a saxophone here or synthesizer there, make for vivid, mind-blowing music. From harmonium to pan flutes, you will find all kinds of instruments backing the beautiful acoustic guitars and haunting voices. Almost a South American version of The Incredible String Band, reminiscent of several gypsy and folk acts from southern and southeastern Europe. The whole album has a rather epic feel and drags you deeply into a colorful world of sound. Truly majestic, unearthly, and enchanting.

1.1 A1. As Alamedas
1.2 A2. Jornada
1.3 A3. Drakkars
1.4 A4. Liverpool
1.5 A5. Gotas de Seresta
1.6 A6. O Vento E O Trigo (Bonus)
1.7 B1. Viver
1.8 B2. O Último Cigano
1.9 B3. Jardim Das Delícias
1.10 B4. Balada Da Ausência
1.11 B5. O Mistério Dos Quintais
1.12 B6. Liverpool (Bonus)

Quintal De Clorofila: O Misterio Dos Quintais

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