R. Carlos Nakai: Carry the Gift

R. Carlos Nakai: Carry the Gift
Title: Carry the Gift
Label: Canyon Records

The panoramic harmonies of R. Carlos Nakai's flute with William Eaton's guitar, harp-guitar and lyre create visions of canyons and plains in these fifteen songs. Music haunting in it's serenity, graceful in it's simplicity and with a zen-like lyricism.

1.1 Spring Council
1.2 Sun March
1.3 On Painted Wing
1.4 Feather River Lullaby
1.5 Earth Smoke Lament
1.6 Ten Winters
1.7 Unsung Myths
1.8 Hunter's Twilight
1.9 Remember When There Was Water
1.10 Old Voices Heard
1.11 Sand Hills Speak
1.12 Returning Warrior Tales
1.13 Earth Smoke Lament Rekindled
1.14 Earth Wisdom
1.15 Carry the Gift

R. Carlos Nakai: Carry the Gift

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