R. Kelly

R. Kelly: Untitled

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Artist: R. Kelly

Artist: R. Kelly
Title: Untitled

UK edition includes 2009 release, the ninth album from the R&B superstar. Working with a wide variety of producers and writers for the first time, R. Kelly is broadening his creative ties. This expansion results in an album combining classic, edgy R. Kelly with younger breakthrough side-artists and producers. Untitled features the breakout track 'Supaman High' featuring OJ Da Juice Man and the first official single, 'Number One' featuring Keri Hilson.

1.1 Crazy Night
1.2 Exit
1.3 Echo
1.4 Bangin' the Headboard
1.5 Go Low
1.6 Whole Lotta Kisses
1.7 Like I Do
1.8 Number One
1.9 I Love the DJ
1.10 Supaman High
1.11 Be My #2
1.12 Text Me
1.13 Religious
1.14 Elsewhere
1.15 Pregnant

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