Radiohead: Best of

Radiohead: Best of
Title: Best of
Label: EMI Europe Generic

These 2008 comps are currently out-of-print in the U.S., but still readily available in Europe. Modulating from anthemic alt-rock to eerie electronics and back again, Radiohead has mesmerized and challenged fans and critics alike over the past few decades. They've sold 25 million albums while modulating from anthemic alt-rock to eerie electronics and back again. This is that journey: "Creep," "Fake Plastic Trees," "High and Dry," "Karma Police," "My Iron Lung," "2+2=5," "Just," and ten more essentials are on the single CD. Get the 2-CD deluxe edition to hear 13 more including "The National Anthem," "Knives Out," "Anyone Can Play Guitar," and "True Love Waits (live)." EMI Europe.

1.1 Just
1.2 Paranoid Android
1.3 Karma Police
1.4 Creep
1.5 No Surprises
1.6 High and Dry
1.7 My Iron Lung
1.8 There There
1.9 Lucky
1.10 Fake Plastic Trees
1.11 Idioteque
1.12 2+2=5
1.13 The Bends
1.14 Pyramid Song
1.15 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
1.16 Everything in It's Right Place
2.1 Airbag
2.2 I Might Be Wrong
2.3 Go to Sleep
2.4 Let Down
2.5 Planet Telex
2.6 Exit Music (For a Film)
2.7 The National Anthem
2.8 Knives Out
2.9 Talk Show Host
2.10 You
2.11 Anyone Can Play Guitar
2.12 How to Disappear Completely
2.13 True Love Waits

Radiohead: Best of

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