Raffi: Motivational Songs

Raffi: Motivational Songs
Title: Motivational Songs
Label: Craft Recordings

2019 release. This is a unique album, for educators, parents and beluga grads. It's meant to be a companion to the Raffi Foundation's online course in Child Honouring, an interdisciplinary course in conscious living. Raffi writes: "Turning seventy is a milestone that makes one think. A feeling of gratitude goes with entry to elderhood, and thoughts of what we will leave behind when we're gone. As part of my legacy, I wanted to offer in one place many songs that I wrote and recorded not as a children's entertainer, but in my role as a self-described global troubadour-inspired by world leaders and global events. If this Motivational Songs album inspires you to become a changemaker, you have my admiration and gratitude. Humanity needs changemakers now and more than ever, co-creating a world that honors it's young and respects our blessed biosphere: for generations to come."

1.1 Waves of Democracy
1.2 Cool It
1.3 Count with Me
1.4 Letter to a Nation
1.5 Sustainability
1.6 Communion
1.7 Counting on You
1.8 Human Child
1.9 It Takes a Village
1.10 Green Dream
1.11 Resisto Dancing
1.12 Tweet Me Right
1.13 No Wall Too Tall
1.14 Salaam Shalom
1.15 Tomorrow's Children
1.16 First Peoples
1.17 Evergreen Everblue
1.18 Where We All Belong
1.19 Ray of Hope
1.20 Turn This World Around

Raffi: Motivational Songs

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