Raluca Stirbat

Raluca Stirbat: Complete Works for Piano Solo

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Artist: Raluca Stirbat

Artist: Raluca Stirbat
Title: Complete Works for Piano Solo

George Enescu (1881-1955) is mainly known as a legendary violinist; yet he was not less known as an exceptionally gifted pianist, one who had been admired and worshiped by his colleagues for his musicality. His expressive and elaborate compositions for piano remain underrepresented on compact disc. Rumanian pianist Raluca Stirbat, one of the most outstanding representatives of the young generation of Romanian pianists, has closed this surprising and inexplicable gap with this release of Enescu's works for piano from hänssler classics, complete on three CDs.

1.1 I. Prelude: Grave
1.2 II. Fugue: Allegro Moderato
1.3 III. Adagio
1.4 IV. Finale: Presto
1.5 Prelude
1.6 Scherzo
1.7 Barcarolle in B-Flat Major
1.8 La Fileuse in D Major
1.9 Impromptu in A-Flat Major
1.10 Regrets in G-Flat Major
1.11 Impromptu in C Major
1.12 Prélude
1.13 Fugue
2.1 I. Toccata: Majestueusement, Mais Pas Trop Lent
2.2 II. Sarabande: Noblement
2.3 III. Pavane: Lentement Berce
2.4 IV. Bouree: Vivement
2.5 Nocturne in D-Flat Major
2.6 I. Melodie: Andantino
2.7 II. Voix de la Steppe: Allegro Moderato
2.8 III. Mazurk Melancolique: Moderato Un Poco Allegretto
2.9 IV. Burlesque: Vivace Ma Non Troppo
2.10 V. Appassionato: Con Slancio, Ma Ben Sostenuto
2.11 VI. Choral: Moderato, Non Troppo Lento
2.12 VII. Carillon Nocturne: L'istesso Tempo (Moderato, Non Troppo Lento)
3.1 Moderato
3.2 Pièce Pour Piano Sur Le Nom de Fauré
3.3 I. Allegro Molto Moderato E Grave
3.4 II. Presto Vivace
3.5 III. Andante Molto Espressivo
3.6 I. Vivace Con Brio
3.7 II. Andantino Cantabile
3.8 III. Allegro Con Spirito

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