Rameau / Devine: Complete Solo Keyboard Works

Rameau / Devine: Complete Solo Keyboard Works
Title: Complete Solo Keyboard Works
Label: Resonus Classics

Celebrated harpsichordist Steven Devine completes his monumental survey for Resonus Classics of the complete solo keyboard works by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) with this new collection. These seminal works of the French Baroque era are brought to life vividly by Devine, mainly marking the earlier part of Rameau's career and charting the development of the future prolific opera and ballet composer. The three books of Pieces de Clavecin are joined by the Cinq Pieces (derived from the Pieces de Clavecin en Concert), and the individual work La Dauphine. Also included is the substantial compendium Les Indes Galantes- keyboard transcriptions that Rameau himself made from his own opera-ballet of the same name composed in 1735/36. "[Devine] is authoritative, suave, technically dazzling and delivers immaculately manicured ornaments that lend brilliance and expressive introspection when required." (BBC Music Magazine)

1.1 Prelude
1.2 Allemande
1.3 Deuxième Allemande
1.4 Courante
1.5 Gigue
1.6 Premier Et Deuxième Sarabande
1.7 Vénitienne
1.8 Gavotte
1.9 Menuet
1.10 Allemande
1.11 Courante
1.12 Gigue en Rondeau I
1.13 Gigue en Rondeau II
1.14 Le Rappel Des Oiseaux
1.15 Rigaudon I - Rigaudon II Et Double
1.16 Musette en Rondeau: Tendrement
1.17 Tambourin
1.18 La Villageoise. Rondeau
1.19 Les Tendres Plaintes
1.20 Les Niais de Sologne
1.21 Les Soupirs
1.22 La Joyeuse
1.23 La Follette
1.24 L'entretien Des Muses
1.25 Les Tourbillons
1.26 Les Cyclopes
1.27 Le Lardon
1.28 La Boiteuse
1.29 Menuet in C Major, RCT4
2.1 Allemande
2.2 Courante
2.3 Sarabande
2.4 Les Trois Mains
2.5 Fanfarinette
2.6 La Triomphante
2.7 Gavotte Et 6 Doubles
2.8 Les Tricotets
2.9 L'indifférente
2.10 Menuet
2.11 La Poule
2.12 Les Triolets
2.13 Les Sauvages
2.14 L'enharmonique
2.15 L'egyptienne

Rameau / Devine: Complete Solo Keyboard Works

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