Rare Essence

Rare Essence: Reunion: Live at the Hyatt Regency 9-11-2010

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Artist: Rare Essence

Artist: Rare Essence
Title: Reunion: Live at the Hyatt Regency 9-11-2010

Live release from Washington's premier Go Go band. THE REUNION was recorded in 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, VA was a piece of Go-Go history. Nearly 30 people performed on stage, representing every era of Rare Essence and helped give and maintain their nickname of 'The Wickedest Band Alive'. The event also featured three of the founding four members of Rare Essence -Michael 'Funky Ned' Neal, John 'Big Horn' Jones and Andre 'Whiteboy' Johnson. The fourth founding member Quentin 'Footz' Davidson passed in 1994. Nearly four decades after forming, Rare Essence remains the most enduring and consistently combustible live bands working the local and regional concert circuit full-throttle.

1.1 Intro
1.2 I Got That Feelin/Roll Call
1.3 Re Herman
1.4 Do You Know What Time It Is?
1.5 Hey Buddy, Buddy
1.6 Gogomickey
1.7 Cherchez la Re
1.8 20 Minute Workout
1.9 Uh Oh/Where My Troopers at
1.10 Where They At?
1.11 Geraldine
1.12 Party Lights
1.13 Lock It
1.14 King of the Gogobeat
1.15 Work the Walls
1.16 All Datime

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