Rat Scabies

Rat Scabies: P.H.D. (Prison Hospital Debt)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rat Scabies

Title: P.H.D. (Prison Hospital Debt)
Label: Cleopatra

2018 release, the first ever solo album from legendary co-founder and former drummer of punk rock icons The Damned. The album contains 11 original tracks and one Louis Prima cover tune recorded over the course of several years. "I have written music ever since I threw together 'Stab Your Back' and have been recording ideas right up until the very week that PHD was due to be mastered. This is the music I created over a period of years - starting then and ending now," says Rat Scabies. Rat self-produced and recorded this album at Arch 8 Studios, as well as handling all arrangements.

1.1 Chew on You
1.2 My Wrists Hurt
1.3 Sing Sing Sing
1.4 Rat's Opus
1.5 Floating
1.6 Shivers
1.7 Dazy Bones
1.8 Benni's Song
1.9 Un Noveau Balai (A New Broom)
1.10 Floydian Slip
1.11 Glad You Could Make It
1.12 It Feels Like Sunday

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