Ratatat: Classics

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Artist: Ratatat

Artist: Ratatat
Title: Classics
Product Type: VINYL LP

Classics" remains resolutely instrumental, but the band has introduced a wealth of new sounds, from acoustic and slide guitar to sleigh bells and cello. Their vastly improved production and writing makes this record a refinement of their art. "Ratatat lay squealing metal harmonies over choppy Neptunes-style dance thumps, then break into pastoral waves of keyboard tone, riding dub tempos and hip-hop struts. They're crotch-pumping arena pimps and introverted minimalists..." - Blender. "Stroud and Mast have come up with some catchy melodies over light, snappy bass lines in what sounds like something tailored for the headphones" - Urb. The band has toured with Interpol, the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, the Stills, and Mouse on Mars.

1.1 Main Version
1.2 E*Vax Remix
1.3 Main Version
1.4 Guitar Instrumental
1.5 Drum Instrumental
1.6 Loud Pipes
1.7 Kennedy
1.8 Swisha
1.9 Nostrand
1.10 Tacobel Canon

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