Rats in the Wall

Rats in the Wall: Warbound

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Artist: Rats in the Wall
Title: Warbound
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

'Hailing from Huntington Beach, California and formed in 2013, Rats in the Wall include Brad Logan (F-MINUS and LEFTOVER CRACK) on Guitar and vocals, Eva Hall (GATHER) on vocals, Donny Morris (INTRO5PECT, LEFTOVER CRACK) on drums, and Mike West on bass. With their dual vocal attack and jagged, ripping brand of hardcore, the band has drawn comparisons to the likes of '70s punk stalwarts THE AVENGERS and New York crust punks NAUSEA. Their debut for Indecision comprises five blistering tracks on the vinyl and six on the cassette and CD formats.

1.1 Why?
1.2 Take 3
1.3 Warbound
1.4 Removal
1.5 Hopelessly Mediocre

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