Raven: Nothing Exceeds, Like Excess

Raven: Nothing Exceeds, Like Excess
Title: Nothing Exceeds, Like Excess
Artist: Raven
Label: Plastic Head America
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 803341321724
Genre: Heavy Metal

Deluxe 180 gm vinyl LP pressing in gatefold sleeve. Raven formed in 1975 in Newcastle, England, by brothers John Gallagher and Mark Gallagher. Raven quickly set the pace for the burgeoning metal renaissance in the United Kingdom at the time. Raven began creating a sound which was rooted in British hard Rock, with Progressive Rock tendencies, and a willingness to take musical chances. The band's highly-energized live show and interaction between band members developed an image and style of play-the-band, described as "athletic". They began wearing guards, helmets, and plates from various sports (hockey, baseball, etc...), and incorporating them into the playing of their instruments (for instance, elbow pads and hockey masks were used to strike cymbals for a unique performance angle).

1.1 Behemoth
1.2 Die for Allah
1.3 Gimme a Break
1.4 Into the Jaws of Death
1.5 In the Name of the Lord
1.6 Stick It
1.7 Lay Down the Law
1.8 You Got a Screw Loose
1.9 Thunderlord
1.10 The King
1.11 Hard As Nails
1.12 Kick Your Ass
1.13 Lay Down the Law (Live Bootleg)

Raven: Nothing Exceeds, Like Excess

Product-type:VINYL LP

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