Ray Suhy

Ray Suhy: Trascendent

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ray Suhy

Title: Trascendent
Label: Sunnyside

There is music that seemingly possesses mystical qualities, transcending the temporal; qualities that musicians seek in order to reach higher planes in the subconscious and to communicate between collaborating sound makers and their listeners. Exploring these paths in music typically leads musicians to other like-minded individuals in search of the sublime. // Jazz history is rife with examples of these musical seekers. Saxophonist John Coltrane and pianist McCoy Tyner come to mind immediately. Guitarist Ray Suhy and pianist Lewis Porter come together on their new recording, Transcendent, under the influence of these wayfaring heroes to create music that reaches magical heights of musical interaction. // Porter has been well known in the New York City jazz scene for some time. Porter has also played an important part in advancing the music's legacy as a scholar. He has written important books on the subject (including the impressive John Coltrane: His Life and Music) and has been a professor and director of Rutgers-Newark University's Jazz History program. // Guitarist Suhy came to jazz early in life, as he was introduced to the music of Miles Davis and Coltrane during his formative years. He attended Berklee College of Music and the New School before moving back to Maine, where he taught and became involved professionally with bands ranging from metal to jazz. Now based in New Jersey, Suhy is best known as the lead guitarist in Six Feet Under, a widely touring and influential death metal band.

1.1 Mr. Tyner
1.2 Second Voyage (This Time for Real)
1.3 Trail of Loss
1.4 Determination
1.5 Motet
1.6 Walk in the Fall
1.7 Intention
1.8 Another Way

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