Razorlight: Up All Night

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Artist: Razorlight

Artist: Razorlight
Title: Up All Night

'Up All Night' is one of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2004, coming, as it does, from one of the finest young rock'n'roll bands to emerge in Britain for many long years - Razorlight. Led by the charismatic Johnny Borrell, Razorlight have spent much of 2003 and 2004 grabbing headlines, releasing sharp sounding singles and generally behaving like the greatest band that ever walked the earth.

1.1 Leave Me Alone
1.2 Rock N Roll Lies
1.3 Vice
1.4 Up All Night
1.5 Which Way Is Out
1.6 Rip It Up
1.7 Doin't Go Back to Dalston
1.8 Golden Touch
1.9 Stumble and Fall
1.10 In the City
1.11 To the Sea
1.12 Fall, Fall, Fall

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