Rebelution: Bright Side of Life

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Artist: Rebelution

Artist: Rebelution
Title: Bright Side of Life
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2009 sophomore release, the follow-up to their award-winning debut album Courage to Grow, the Bright Side of Life contains 12 new signature tracks blending their cohesive mix of Reggae, Rock, and Hip Hop influences in a calliope awash of front man Eric Rachmany's Santana-esque guitar flurries, Marley D. Williams' solid and attacking bass lines, the Psychedelic and tasteful piano, keyboard and Hammond b-3 styling of Rory Carey and the Jazz Rock fusion of Wesley Finley's finesse drumming and percussion.

1.1 Bright Side of Life
1.2 More Than Ever
1.3 Outta Control
1.4 From the Window
1.5 Suffering
1.6 Too Rude
1.7 Dubzilla
1.8 Bump
1.9 Lazy Afternoon
1.10 Moonlight
1.11 Change the System
1.12 Wake Up Call

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