Red Baraat

Red Baraat: Gaadi of Truth

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Artist: Red Baraat

Artist: Red Baraat
Title: Gaadi of Truth

Gaadi of Truth isn't just a party; it's the work of a band that takes care to examine the way the world sees it's members. Sonny Singh is a Sikh who finds himself patted down at airports more than the others, while Red Baraat's two African-American members are pulled over more often than their colleagues in the South. These experiences spark some of the writing on Gaadi of Truth, which looks at the world from many points of view.

1.1 1. Gaadi of Truth
1.2 2. Horizon Line
1.3 3. Zindabad
1.4 4. Bhangale Oochale
1.5 5. Crown of Spades
1.6 6. Rang Barse
1.7 7. Layers
1.8 8. Bhangra Pirates
1.9 9. Se Hace Camino
1.10 10. Akhiyan Udeek Diyan
1.11 11. Layers [Karsh Kale Remix]
1.12 12. Horizon Line [Lost in the Trees Remix]

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