Red House Painters: Down Colorful Hill

Red House Painters: Down Colorful Hill
Title: Down Colorful Hill
Label: 4Ad
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Out of print since its release in 1992, Down Colorful Hill is the much-praised debut album from Red House Painters. The introduction to the world of Mark Kozelek , Down Colorful Hill comprises six tracks, all catching the band at their rawest. As was done with the debuts of previous 4AD artists like Pixies, Lush, and His Name Is Alive, the album is made up of demos that were slightly remixed for general release. According to Mark Kozelek in Martin Aston's book Facing the Wrong Way: The Story of 4AD, Kozelek remixed the tracks slightly for release. The album was well-received by critics and music lovers alike.

1.1 24
1.2 Medicine Bottle
1.3 Down Colorful Hill
1.4 Japanese to English
1.5 Lord Kill the Pain
1.6 Michael

Red House Painters: Down Colorful Hill

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