Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: The Very Best Of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Very Best Of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Label: Cherry Red

This 23 track collection includes all their best known tracks from their career with Red Rhino and Beggars Banquet. Cherry Red Records. 2005.

1.1 Beatingmy Head
1.2 He's Read
1.3 Monkey's on Juice
1.4 Talk About the Weather
1.5 Hand on Heart
1.6 Feel a Piece
1.7 Hollow Eyes
1.8 Strange Dream
1.9 Chance
1.10 Spinning Round
1.11 Last Train
1.12 Mescal Dance
1.13 Blitz
1.14 Walking on Your Hands
1.15 Cut Down
1.16 Crawling Mantra
1.17 Nothing Wrong
1.18 Only Dreaming
1.19 She Said
1.20 Open Up
1.21 Heaven
1.22 You Are Everything
1.23 Blow

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