Red Sovine

Red Sovine: The Hero

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Artist: Red Sovine

Artist: Red Sovine
Title: The Hero

Red Sovine's song. "The Hero" is his tribute to John Wayne.

1.1 The Hero
1.2 Long Time to Forget
1.3 Tender Years
1.4 No Money in This Deal
1.5 Tonight My Lady Learns to Love
1.6 Bummin' Around
1.7 Blues, Stay Away from Me
1.8 These Two Empty Arms
1.9 Green Green Grass of Home
1.10 Sparkling Wine
1.11 A Place for Mama's Roses
1.12 The King's Last Concert
1.13 Room Across the Hall
1.14 Why Baby Why
1.15 A Million to One
1.16 The Other Woman (In My Life)
1.17 A Poor Man's Riches

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