Redbone: Already Here / Wovoka / Beaded Dreams Through

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Redbone

Title: Already Here / Wovoka / Beaded Dreams Through
Label: Beat Goes on

Digitally remastered two CD set containing a trio of albums from the '70s rockers: Already Here, Wovoka and Beaded Dreams Through Torquoise Eyes. Native American swamp rock group's last three albums for Epic Records, dating from 1972, 1973 and 1974. Wovoka features the US Top 5 single 'Come And Get Your Love'. The Europe-only single from the same album, 'We Were All Wounded At Wounded Knee', was a hit across the continent, but not issued in the States. Founding member Pat Vegas still fronts a version of the band today.

1.1 Fais-Do
1.2 Motivation
1.3 Power (Prelude to a Means)
1.4 Speakeasy
1.5 Condition Your Condition
1.6 Where Is Your Heart
1.7 Good Enough for Jesus
1.8 Poison Ivy
1.9 Already Here (Brujo)
1.10 Wovoka
1.11 Sweet Lady of Love
1.12 Someday (A Good Song)
1.13 Liquid Truth
1.14 We Were All Wounded at Wounded Knee
2.1 Come and Get Your Love
2.2 Day to Day Life
2.3 Clouds in My Sunshine
2.4 23rd and Mad
2.5 One More Time
2.6 Suzi Girl
2.7 Only You and Rock and Roll
2.8 Blood, Sweat and Tears
2.9 Cookin? with D?Redbone
2.10 (Beaded Dreams Through) Turquoise Eyes
2.11 Beautiful Illusion
2.12 Interstate Highway 101
2.13 I?Ll Never Stop Loving You
2.14 Moon When Four Eclipse

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