Redbone: The Witch Queen Of New

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Redbone

Artist: Redbone
Title: The Witch Queen Of New

Redbone was a Los Angeles-based group led by Native American Pat and Lolly Vegas. They hit paydirt in 1974 with the million-seller 'Come and Get Your Love.' Lead singers Pat and Lolly Vegas had previously worked under their own names, appearing in the 1965 film It's a Bikini World prior to forming Redbone. Their first success as Redbone came in 1970 with 'Maggie' on Epic. 'The Witch Queen of New Orleans' did somewhat better the next year. Digipak reissue adds one bonus track 'Chant-13th hour' (single edit). Repertoire. 2004.

1.1 Message from a Drum
1.2 Niji Trance
1.3 The Sun Never Shines on the Lonely
1.4 Maxsplivitz
1.5 Emotions
1.6 Jerico
1.7 Witch Queen of New Orleans
1.8 When You Got Trouble
1.9 Perico
1.10 Fate
1.11 One Monkey
1.12 Chant: 13th Hour (Single Edit) (Bonus Track)

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