Reeling in the Showband Hits: Ronan Collins Coll

Reeling in the Showband Hits: Ronan Collins Coll: Reeling In The Showband Hits: Ronan Collins Collection / Various

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Artist: Reeling in the Showband Hits: Ronan Collins Coll
Title: Reeling In The Showband Hits: Ronan Collins Collection / Various

1.1 You're Such a Good Looking Woman Joe Dolan ; the Drifters
1.2 Give Me Back My Love Gina ; the Champions
1.3 Love Thee Dearest Brendan Bowyer ; the Royal
1.4 The Entertainer the Swarrbriggs
1.5 A Place in Your Heart Shaun O'Dowd
1.6 I'll Take Care of Your Cares Sonny Knowles
1.7 Hi Mi Amore Roy Taylor Karen Black ; the Nevada
1.8 From the Candy Store on the Corner Dickie Rock ; the Miami
1.9 Ballroom Dancing Brendan O'Brien ; the Dixies
1.10 The Fool Keith ; Lorraine MC Donald
1.11 Cross Your Heart Tina
1.12 Walking the Streets in the Rain Butch Moore ; the Capitol
1.13 Rock and Roll You're Beautiful Tony Kenny
1.14 The Little Old Lady from Pasadena the Freshmen
1.15 Love Matters Chips
1.16 Baby Blue the Conquerors
1.17 When We Were Young Pat Lynch
1.18 Quick Joey Small the Real McCoy
1.19 I'll Be There Before the Next Tear Drop Falls Gene Stuart ; the Mighty Avons
1.20 Behind Closed Doors Brendan Quinn
1.21 King of the Swingers Paddy Cole
1.22 Dozie the Times
1.23 Pal of My Cradle Days Sean Dunphy ; the Hoedowners
1.24 Casatchok Dreams
1.25 Love Is All Red Hurley
2.1 Simon Says Dickie Rock ; the Miami
2.2 You Gave Me a Mountain Brendan Bowyer ; the Big 8
2.3 You're the Greatest Lover Gina ; the Champions
2.4 Foolin Time Butch Moore ; the Capitol
2.5 My Child Sonny Knowles
2.6 Baby Come Back the Conquerors
2.7 Little Arrows Brendan O'Brien ; the Dixies
2.8 Back in Yesterday Keith ; Lorraine McDonald
2.9 Joanne Swarbriggs
2.10 Arkansas Red Hurley
2.11 The Wages of Love Muriel Day
2.12 Lend a Helping Hand the Sands
2.13 When the Fields Are White with Daisies Sean Dunphy ; the Hoedowners
2.14 Don?T Stop the Carousel Roy Taylor
2.15 Papa Ooh Mow Mow the Freshmen
2.16 Blueberry Hill Paddy Cole
2.17 Baby I?M Your Man Dreams
2.18 Any Dream Will Do Tony Kenny
2.19 You Are No Angel Shaun O'Dowd
2.20 I Don?T Know How to Love Him Tina ; the Real McCoy
2.21 It?S Four in the Morning Brendan Quinn
2.22 Yellow River Gentry
2.23 Me and Bobby McGee the Cotton Mill Boys
2.24 The Answer to Everything Joe Dolan ; the Drifters
2.25 The Hucklebuck Brendan Bowyer ; the Royal Showband

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