Reggie Watts

Reggie Watts: Why Shit So Crazy?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Reggie Watts

Artist: Reggie Watts
Title: Why Shit So Crazy?

One of the most fascinating and unique artists working today, Reggie Watts combines looped vocals created live on stage with his unique brand of improvised comedy. Reggie's subjects range from ancient history to technology to spirit elves to theology to pop culture. The music incorporates hip-hop, trip-hop, 80's pop alternative, nu-metal and classical opera. Reggie loves to disorient and confuse people in the most entertaining way possible. This CD/DVD combo features a full album of live and studio tracks, his hour Comedy Central special, and lots of other video bonus features.

1.1 F@(% $#!+ Stack
1.2 Thanks for Coming
1.3 A Future in the Future
1.4 Squirrel Joke
1.5 Get Your Shoes on
1.6 Muffins
1.7 Social Construct Intro
1.8 Social Construct
1.9 7 Xanax, Glass of Wine
1.10 Rainbows
1.11 Gnome Sayin'?
1.12 Tuck Tuck Squirrel
1.13 My History Thus Far
1.14 Fields of Donegal
1.15 Butter + Toast
2.1 Bonus Material

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