Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing: Blood Loss

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Artist: Remote Viewing

Artist: Remote Viewing
Title: Blood Loss
Product Type: VINYL LP

Remote Viewing is a band with five humans. Ex-members of: Palehorse, Million Dead, and others. The music tells the story of cousins choking to death on the night bus. Of failed suicide attempts in provincial supermarket carparks. Of quiet, kind, generosity. Of parents dying. Of beautiful flower arrangements. Of a lack of patience, and then reprieve. "There is no elegant way to spit in your face." As the saying goes. Or doesn't. Doom, hardcore, post-rock, noise, metal. Songs about bodily fluids - and that awkward loss - sit neatly against the joys of ornithology, and the most earnest examples of love. And being fucking straight cool. Remote Viewing will remind you of the abject misery of the human experience. At all times.

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