Renaissance: Dreams & Omens

Renaissance: Dreams & Omens
Title: Dreams & Omens
Label: Repertoire

Digitally re-mastered collection of live tracks from the Folk/Prog act. A glorious glimpse into the musical legacy of a great British group, performing at the height of their fame and success. Annie Haslam's crystal clear vocals soaring through hit song 'Northern Lights' is just one of the pleasures to be derived from Dreams & Omens, hailed by critics as the best ever 'live' album by Renaissance. This edition features six songs recorded at the Tower Theatre during a 1978 U.S. tour and rescued from the archives by Ms. Haslam and composer/guitarist Michael Dunford. There are favorite songs like 'Carpet of the Sun', as well as the 15 minute 'Can You Hear Me' and tunes from key '70s albums Ashes Are Burning, Turn of the Cards and Novella. Repertoire.

1.1 Can You Hear Me
1.2 Carpet of the Sun
1.3 Day of the Dreamer
1.4 Midas Man
1.5 Northern Lights
1.6 Things I Don't Understand

Renaissance: Dreams & Omens

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