Renbourn, John & Jones, Wizz

Renbourn, John & Jones, Wizz: Joint Control

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Renbourn, John & Jones, Wizz
Title: Joint Control
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download Riverboat Records presents Joint Control whose 13 songs (plus 4 vinyl-only bonus tracks) wonderfully embody the fruits of the friendship between John Renbourn and Wizz Jones, capturing the two great artists and consummate guitarists performing together live and in the studio. The album is all the more poignant because it represents the final recordings by Renbourn, the final tracks made just days before his death on March 26, 2015 from a heart attack at his home in Hawick in the Scottish borders. At the time of John's death, Joint Control was almost entirely finished. The pair had been working together since the start of the year in a small studio, about an hour from John's Hawick home.

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