Rene Aubry: Play Time

Rene Aubry: Play Time
Title: Play Time
Label: Hopi Mesa

2008 collection of tracks from the great composer, featuring new versions of his own songs that have remained very close to his heart. With music composed for shows by Carolyn Carlson, Pina Bausch and Philippe Genty, soundtracks for films, and 15 albums to his name, René Aubry is a popular, prolific and discreet composer. This native son of Epinal is self-taught and has traced his own career as a composer of "songs without words". 18 tracks. Hopi Mesa.

1.1 Sirtaki a Helsinki /
1.2 Prima Donna
1.3 Dare - Dard
1.4 Chaloupe
1.5 Steppe
1.6 Rose
1.7 Facties
1.8 Aprs la Pluie
1.9 Blue Lady
1.10 Quintette
1.11 Mmoires
1.12 Night Run
1.13 Demi-Lune
1.14 La Danse Des Trois Chapeaux
1.15 Ne M'oublie Pas
1.16 L'abme
1.17 Zig-Zag
1.18 Les Sept Erreurs

Rene Aubry: Play Time

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