Restorations: Strange Behavior

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Restorations

Title: Strange Behavior
Label: Paper + Plastick
Product Type: VINYL LP

Restorations occupies a truly rarefied air, existing somewhere between indie rock's off-kilter jangle, the dynamic nature of punk and hardcore, shoegaze's contemplative restraint and the breeziness of a front porch romp through rustic Americana. There's a taut, electrified undercurrent that keeps Strange Behavior tense and ominous - and maybe even a little dangerous-sounding - but the Philly quintet still manages to exude warmth and earnestness throughout the duration. These four songs envelope the listener in Jon Loudon's gravely, soulful vocals and the band's pulsing, fuzzy indie stylings. You'll lose yourself in atmospheric peaks and valleys while Restorations keep you on edge with songs that burn slowly before careening down unexpected, yet always exciting avenues.

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