Revellions: Revellions : Give It Time

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Artist: Revellions

Artist: Revellions
Title: Revellions : Give It Time
Product Type: VINYL LP

Three years have passed since the Revellions released their last single and it's been five years since their eponymous debut album on Dirty Water Records. This will be the one album this year for which anticipation is high. This is the one the fans have been waiting for. The album contains contributions from members old and new spent touring around Europe with recording sessions in Dublin fitted in when they were able to drag themselves out of the pub. Despite the time lapse and line up changes, this is no difficult second album. It's a coherent collection of tracks that truly represents the band at this time. This is a band becoming tighter than ever on the debut.

1.1 Bitter ; Twisted
1.2 Sighs
1.3 Don't Wait for Me
1.4 Give It Time
1.5 In Vino Veratas
1.6 Somewhere in Between
1.7 Strung Out Bad
1.8 The Waltz
1.9 Drip

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