Rex Hobart

Rex Hobart: Spectacular Sadness of

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Artist: Rex Hobart

Artist: Rex Hobart
Title: Spectacular Sadness of

Songs of emotional wreckage done in the key of Bakersfield. Some of the best COUNTRY songwriting we've heard since the days of Johnny Paycheck and Charlie Walker from Kansas City's own Rex Hobart & THE MISERY BOYS "Rex displays the songwriting abilities of a barstool bard with a Ph.D. in hardcore country... and the pedal steel work here alone is worth the price of admission." - TIME OUT

1.1 Forever Always Ends
1.2 Here Comes Nothing
1.3 The One ; Lonely You
1.4 Bridge Burners Union (Local 36)
1.5 I'm Not Drunk Enough
1.6 I'll Forget Her or Die Crying
1.7 'Til My Teardrops Turn to Gold
1.8 Barstow Barstool
1.9 It's My Turn
1.10 Alone with You
1.11 Let's Keep Lying Here
1.12 I Never Believed You Anyway

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