Rheinberger / Grosssteiner / Heiss

Rheinberger / Grosssteiner / Heiss: Liederbuch Fur Kinder 152

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Artist: Rheinberger / Grosssteiner / Heiss
Title: Liederbuch Fur Kinder 152

Josef Rheinberger's Liederbuch für Kinder Op. 152 presents in a naive and spiritual way various situations and occurrences in the colorful lives of children. The songs recorded here for the first time almost always appear bright and comforting in their basic mood - even with texts of the deepest melancholy. In their clarity, beauty of sound, and dexterity they are still able to fascinate today's listeners. The work was written at the end of 1887, and is a collection of 30 narrative pictures or "scenes from the lives of children." It includes songs about waking up, encounters with animals from a child's perspective, and various depictions of child's play. Many of the songs contain moral lessons, highlighting important aspects of children's past and present education.

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